Vegan Thanksgiving in Bangkok Sold Out

by Dwight Turner

Special thank you for your interest in our Vegan Thanksgiving Event. The event will be the first of it’s kind where we combine Burmese, Indian and Thai vegan food. However it will not be the last!

We decided to name the event "Curry Nights" and we hope the collaboration will bring many more tasty happening and dishes to share. We may even bring some of the menu items we'll be serving at the dinner to our specials menu in the new year. What would you prefer, maybe the khao soi samosas? Or the tea leaf salad? Let us know! 

Also, we did have very limited seating, so if you were unable to get tickets, we look forward to seeing you at an event in the New Year. As we return to being able to do events, we'll be announcing happenings via social media. So please add us on Instagram, Facebook, and Line to stay up to date. See you soon.