Homemade Vegan Nam Prik Pow (Thai Chili Jam)

by Dwight Turner

One of our favorite ingredients is Thailand's nam prik pow. The mildly sweet and spicy chili dip is made from roasting different types of chili and pounding them with aromatics, palm sugar and salt. All too often, however, it can be difficult to find a variation without meat proteins from dried shrimp, fish sauce, or similar ingredients. We're proud to be able to make our own version and offer it as a featured ingredient in our recipes. 

One such recipe is our Tofu Pad Prik Pow or Tofu and Chili Jam stir fry. To make this menu favorite, we combine vegetables we love such as carrots, cabbage, and bell pepper and stir fry them in the chili paste. The main ingredient, however, is our homemade tofu which we make fresh each week. The tofu adds a filling texture and body to the dish, ensuring you'll be satisfyingly full when you choose this meal for lunch or dinner. 

We look forward to bringing you more Thai vegan dishes in the future. During lockdown and other unforeseen circumstances, it is important we continue to prioritize our health and eating well is part of that process. We will continue to offer our plant based menu and strive to be transparent about our ingredients and help to share their benefits. Remember you can order our dishes and have the dishes delivered to you in Bangkok by Grab or by Farmtastic, and we have a selection of monthly subscription options as well. Thank you for your support.