Gaeng Tae Po - August 2021 Special Menu

by Dwight Turner

We've got a special rainy season dish in store for you called 'gaeng tae po' (pronounced tay-po). This intensely orange yellow curry features morning glory and our homemade tofu. Morning glory of water spinach grows like crazy during the rainy season, and the porous nature of the morning glory stems means the veggie soaks up the curry flavor, returning it to you in every bite. 

Delicious, plant based, and coming to our friends and supports in Bangkok this August 2021. Select it as one of your dishes in our subscription plans, or order a la carte (minimum order is 400 baht). 

Tae po is a dish enjoyed by locals. You don't often find it in restaurants as much as in street food or in people's homes. We're happy to feature it on the menu with the hope of introducing the special dish to more people. In addition to morning glory and tofu, the recipe is possibly the only curry in Thai cuisine to use the entire fruit of the makrut lime. The resulting dish is more sour than sweet, tangy while being mildly bitter, and has a kick of heat too. 

We hope you'll join us in enjoying this dish, a perfect addition to a rainy day!